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Flux 2018 Copyright Katya Romanova 

RGD Award:

Full Book Here

This document is an exploration on the modern identity crisis, and it’s implications. Specifically, I have researched and studied the concept of ‘the homeland’ and the way that issues such as immigration, politics and history shape it. Through a collection of research and stories of diasporic themes I studied the relationship between the individual and society, and how this relationship affects assimilation and adaption of both individuals and groups. Utilizing psychological research, participatory design, data analysis, and a collection of writing I aim to provide you with an insight into these issues.


In addition, I have researched the relationship which exists between culture and identity and its implications for individuals living in fragmented cultures. This includes differences between location and presence. This specific realm of research highlights the effects of acculturation on individuals, families and society. It also describes North America’s diverse population and addresses the psychological experience of the immigrant with specific attention given to factors that aid or impede adjustment.


Here & Now...

Displacement and assimilation are not about immigration. They are not about moving around the globe, or learning new customs. They are about finding peace in our here and now. 


The past thirteen years I have spent questioning, wondering, and asking myself where the strain of my differences stems from. After everything we have faced as a people, through analysis of pull and push factors, through mediation of the concept of homeland, family, memory, time, and place, I have aimed to formulate my manifesto of belonging in visual and verbal form. Here it is. 

Alienation + Between Homelands 


As a part of my thesis deliverables, I created the content for and designed two books. Alienation is a campaign pitch for an event bringing awareness to the issue of cultural alienation. Between Homelands is a study and personal manifesto on all the surrounding issues of Flux.

Year: 2018

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